Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ch. 4 Say Hello To My Little Friend

So after we spent the weekend at a friend's house (you didn't think I'd really sleep in the same house as the rodents, did you?) Monday finally arrived. The pest crew showed up right on time and started laying traps and putting the flashing all around the house. It took them SIX HOURS! They finished the job and assured me that all would be well. They now couldn't get out or in and the (no-kill) traps were placed all around the attic so that they really had no place to go.

My question was: If that blind baby squirrel could find its way out of the attic and into my kitchen, what was stopping a savvy disgusting rat from doing the same? Their answer: nothing.

So the kids and I went on vacation. We were scheduled to anyway, but the timing worked out nicely. The pest crew had a lock box on my door and they would check the traps every couple of days. By the time we got home, my house should be critter free. We met Hal in Houston for our Spring Break and to be quite honest, after telling my story a few hundred times, I forgot all about it. Soon enough, it was time to go home.

After our week was up, the kids and I flew back into town. Hal had to make one more stop on the road and he would meet us at home in a couple of days. We spent most of the day traveling and when we finally pulled into our driveway, we were all glad to be home. Everyone grabbed a suitcase and we walked through the kitchen door. The kids headed upstairs and I straightened up to stretch my back. As I did, something caught my eye. The lamp on my computer desk was on its side. I cocked my head like a confused puppy and scanned the rest of the desk area. The papers were scattered and the monitor was crooked. I walked towards the desk and peeked in the pantry. It was totally dissheveled. Boxes were on the floor, packages were opened, stuff was absolutely everywhere.

I quietly called for the kids and grabbed the phone, fully prepared to dial 911. I was certain we had been robbed. Hannah came bounding downstairs with her blond ponytail swinging. I was fumbling with the phone when I heard her say, "Hey Mom? Why are there little rocks all over the kitchen table?" Rocks?

Oh, no... I walked over to the table and sure enough, she was right. Little rock like turds were strewn all over the kitchen table. Upon further inspection, rodent sh*t was everywhere. On the desk, in the pantry, on the couch, in the hallway. I started to hyperventilate at the sheer thought of it. These freakin rodents had a Spring Break party in my house while I was gone! I half expected to find mini beer cans and kegs in the trash cans.

It was then that I heard the sentence that I hope to never...ever...hear again.

"Mom! I think there's something in the bathroom. It's looking at me."

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