Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cup of What???

I saw this GIGANTIC mug at the store yesterday and came really close to buying it. My life certainly could use a huge dose of calm right about now.

Hal and I are packing for our trip to Siberia. My toes are already cold thinking about this adventure. The HIGH will be in the low 20s - and for a girl raised in the South, this is not anywhere near normal.

So, like I said, I almost bought the mug. But then I thought for a moment. If I drank a mug filled with this much coffee (um...tea drinkers don't bother telling me that I can drink tea - because it is simply not happening) I would be the exact opposite of calm. I would, instead, be flying around my house, bumping into things with a severe case of the shakes....which pretty much describes me every day. So, instead of buying the mug, I bought a snicker's bar.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC! Great blog.

Jenny Runkel said...

Thanks Veronica - OK, I must know....what in the heck is that in your profile pic?