Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day FIVE Sans Suitcase

The saga continues. No luggage and no straight answers from the authorities. We had to fax all of our passport and visa information to the airport only to be told that we now need a Russian authority to do it for us. I am not holding my breath on that to happen.

We leave tomorrow morning for the retreat center and I'm just thankful that the outfit I wore on the plane is one that I like.

We spent today doing some sightseeing around Barnaul. Everywhere you turn is a different statue of Lenin. I'd show you some pictures, but my USB cord is packed safely in my luggage. The snow is all melting and you have to be really careful where you walk. If you get too close to the street, you get splashed with black slush. If you get too close to the buildings, huge drops of metling snow falls on your head. Now I know why Russians wear those big fur hats.

The women here are very stylish and rock the leather boots with stilletto heels. Most of them are tall anyway, so I feel very short and a bit on the dumpy side. It doesn't help that I'm wearing baggy lounge pants that are crispy from the accumulation of crud they've seen since Sunday.

The past two nights have been spent training the leaders of the seminar. Hal is learning how to work with his translator, Ivan. We quickly found out that most things translate very well over here, with a few minor exceptions. All of Hal's stories and/or jokes about eating out or eating too much are met with strange looks. The average Russian does not eat out EVER and walks everywhere. The flat where we stay is four flights up (no elevator) and no one has a car. Everyone we've met is slim and trim. Did I mention that I feel dumpy?

Well, time to hit the hay. Big day ahead of us. First stop, the Barnaul airport to fill out more paperwork in the hopes of again seeing my makeup and clothes.


amy said...

Hey now, at least you're feeling dumpy/frumpy because you lost your luggage. What's my excuse?!

java diva said...

Jenny, I'm praying for you and Hal in Siberia. I will be sure to pray for clothing and makeup, whether it's your lost luggage or from an angel!
hugs from "home"