Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"I Poo in Blue"

So this morning, I'm watching television with my kids and preparing myself for the endless barrage of "Wha???? Why???? What are we supposed to do????" comments that are about to come my way when I tell them to turn it off. That's when this commercial comes on the screen. 

It was, in the short span of 30 seconds, both hysterical and horrifying. Part of me loves the ridiculous over-the-top nature of the commercial and the product. The funky music, the slow-mo movement of the baby strutting down the street saying the classic line, "Even when I go number two, I look like number one." It is tongue-in-cheek at it's best.

But what I don't like is that beneath all of that irony is a bitter hint of truth. As parents, we do ridiculous things so that our children look, act, sing, play, and learn better than any of their peers. Why can't we just love our kids and want what is truly best for them without having to introduce the cruel concept of competition into their little lives so soon? Why do we tie so much of our own self-worth to the way in which our offspring "perform" for the world?

I am as guilty as the next mom. Despite what I say I believe, I sometimes get caught in the trap of comparing my son's baseball skills or my daughter's emotional intelligence to those surrounding them. I size up their competition and think about what I can do to help them get a leg up. Hey - no judging allowed - I didn't say I was proud of doing it - I just said that I do it.

So, Huggies - I thank you. Now when I  compare, manipulate, cajole, or anything of the sort when it comes to my children and how they are perceived by the world (and how that makes me look, of course) I will think of that stupid denim diaper. Because caring more about them getting ahead or being the best - instead of spending my energy on guiding their character, is simply creating a nice stylish package that is full of ..... well, you know.