Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Small Joys

There are small joys that I encounter every day. It is far too easy to allow them to slip by unnoticed and unheralded...and I do this far too often. On days when I at least take a moment to acknowledge these wondrous things, my life just seems better.

So, here is my list of small joys for today:

1. Muse.
This band kicks so much it's ridiculous.

2. Spanx.
Thank you Sara Blakely from the bottom of my cellulite.

3. Hannah's eyes.
They are the most spectacular color of blue green and they are rimmed with a dark brown circle that picks up these fantastic brown flecks and sparkles. Even when she's rolling them at me, I marvel at how perfect they are. And the best part is when I tell her that...as she's rolling them.

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