Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ch. 2 A Close Encounter

So, it's Friday, and Hal just left for a week of travel. It's up to me to either take care of this rodent painfully squealing in my walls or find a cheap hotel for the week. I gave myself the mother of all pep talks and then I spent most of my time at work alternately researching rodent removal companies and real estate in my area. I finally found the courage to call one company but the guy was such an arrogant jerk that I decided to keep looking. He was one of those sad souls who enjoys making people feel stupid - I suppose you have to find some element of fun in your job and when you chase rats for a living, your options are limited.

Long story short, I found a company (whose website didn't disgust me with realistic pictures of rats eating babies) and arranged to meet a representative around 3 pm. When we went into the house together, I showed him where we heard all the noise - of course, it was quiet. I felt like I do when I take my kids to the doctor because they are deathly ill and as soon as he walks in the room, they are suddenly bouncing off the walls. I cried out, "I promise! It was right there! You have to believe me!!!"

To my simultaneous relief and horror, he believed me and after poking around in my attic and basement, he informed me that we most likely have roof rats. He thought that they got in from the trees surrounding our property. Apparently, the builder didn't put "flashing" around the perimeter of our roof, so there was a huge 4 inch gap practically flashing a neon "vacancy" sign to all creepy critters in the area.

So, he gives me an estimate on the work that needs to be done (so long college fund) and tells me that his crew will be back on Monday. I talked myself down from the rafters and decided that I could DO this. There's no way that these rats would come into the living quarters. They were more scared of us than we were of them....right?

As I was sitting in the kitchen trying to compose myself, I started cleaning up - I have always been comforted by organizing when things go wrong - and I was starting to feel better with each swipe of my swiffer. I got ready to sweep the floor and I went to move the small space heater to the corner of the room. As I touched it, I noticed that a small brown object was underneath it. Now, dear readers, you are most likely smarter than I - you can probably guess what this small brown object was. I, on the other hand, have the short term memory of a walnut. I was so engrossed in my cleaning, that it didn't even occur to me that this could be anything other than a wadded up sock (never mind the fact that it was in THE KITCHEN and no one in my family wears furry brown socks!!!).

So, I reached down to pick up the sock and ...

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "Rodent Adventures with the Runkels"

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Thunder Foot said...

I am eagerly awaiting - as Paul Harvey says - the rest of the story!